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Our Ministries

We believe that worship is the primary purpose of the Christian-life as worship is the embodiment of selflessness, and service.  We enter into worship earnestly with focused hearts and minds as it is our sacred duty and privilege.  We welcome you to come share in the worship of the Lord.



The long term goal for our youth program is to provide students with an understanding of their own belief system and how it can practically be applied to their lives at their current developmental stage.  We believe in order for students to understand their own identity in Christ a thorough understanding of Christian history and theology should be balanced with the practical elements of service, stewardship, hospitality, compassion, and love in the lives of our students.



The goal of our children's ministry at FBCN is to assist families in nurturing the spiritual formation of their children through a fun, loving, and accepting environment where they learn about God's gift of salvation and his vast love for them, how to apply what they learn to their life, and grow to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, mind, and strength and know him as their personal Lord and Savior. We pray that our children will choose to follow Christ's leadership in a lifelong journey of faith.  

Senior Ministry

Our senior ministry seeks to facilitate and foster the continued growth of our senior aged members and friends on a multitude of levels.  We acknowledge that living as or becoming a new Christian is a process that has no age restrictions and must be nurtured. This ministry seeks to do just that through fellowship, spiritual growth, intellectual understanding, emotional growth, and physical maintenance.



FBCN Women’s Ministry is an important tool for accomplishing many of our ministry goals. Spiritual sisterhood that develops through fellowship is essential for the ladies in our church. 

Crooked Stick Wilderness Retreat

At the Crooked Stick Wilderness Retreat we want to facilitate intimate time with God, friends, and family, through the opportunity to experience the beauty and transformative power of God's creation for, perhaps the first time or maybe to reconnect in way you haven't since being a child full of wonderment.

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