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Our vision for Crooked Stick Wilderness Retreat was to create an intimate wilderness retreat geared to providing churches and families a way to immerse themselves in God's creation.  Our unique location and facilities provide a beautiful setting for weddings and gatherings as well as a way for groups large and small to experience how God provides for all of our needs both physically and spiritually by his creation.  We believe it can be transformative to spend time in commune with God seeking God in nature and in caring for and cultivating his creation.  At the Crooked Stick Wilderness Retreat we want to facilitate intimate time with God, friends, and family, through the opportunity to experience the beauty and transformative power of God's creation for, perhaps the first time or maybe to reconnect in ways you haven't since being a child full of wonderment.

For more information on visiting Crooked Stick, please contact Bill Jones at (828) 733-2986. 

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